Staten Island

Staten Island Neighborhood

The least populous borough of New York City, Staten Island is also its most affordable, and often most overlooked. Even people who have taken the free cruise past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry, may never have stepped on its shore. And that’s a shame, because SI has a lot to recommend it.

Nature lovers will be blown away by Staten Island’s thousands of acres of protected parkland and its family-friendly beaches (it is an island, after all). Its multicultural population means that SI’s got great international dining options, and the pizza is legendary. While not known for its nightlife, SI nevertheless has a terrific music scene, fueled in part by musicians who find the borough’s North Shore an affordable and accessible alternative to Manhattan. In fact, the neighborhoods near the Ferry—Stapleton, St. George, Clifton, and Tompkinsville—are increasingly drawing artists and young professionals priced out of Brooklyn. And new construction—like the hipper-than-thou residential/retail combo, Urby—is popping up to meet the need.

Once you get away from the more urban North Shore, you’ll definitely need a car. In mid-island, Todt Hill offers privacy in gated homes on leafy streets; Randall Manor is known for its culture; and Midland Beach affords residents a laid-back waterside lifestyle. No, Staten Island isn’t the new Brooklyn; instead it stands on its own as one of the most livable parts of New York City.
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