Manhattan Neighborhood

Manhattan is the undisputed heart of arguably the greatest city in the world. It’s the epicenter of the art, fashion, and design industries; boasts the world’s largest financial center; and has the most famous theater district anywhere. Those who make Manhattan their home can be forgiven, therefore, for feeling slightly superior. After all, they have world-class arts, culture, dining, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife right on their doorstep, anchored by one of the most spectacular city parks ever designed. They can also find every type of housing here: high-rise elevator buildings and pre-war walk-ups, brownstones and townhomes, and even a few single-family dwellings.

How you experience Manhattan depends largely on what neighborhood you’re in. Midtown is all frenetic sidewalks and soaring skyscrapers, while the West Village’s more human scale is punctuated by quaint cobbled streets and charming cafes. The Upper East Side radiates understated sophistication, while SoHo wears its trendiness on its sleeve. The best part is that you don’t need to choose. Walkable streets, an abundance of cabs and ride shares, and a top-notch public transportation system make experiencing different neighborhoods easy.

Of course, all these superlatives don’t come cheap, and while Manhattan does have affordable areas, many come with an eye-popping price tag. But for those who thrive on the city’s unique energy, there’s no place else they can imagine living.
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