ManhattanLenox Hill

Lenox Hill Neighborhood

Anchored by Lenox Hill Hospital, the neighborhood that bears its name exudes the hushed air of old money and understated sophistication. This well-established pocket of the Upper East Side—much of it historically designated—is known for luxury residences (townhomes and co-ops) and hotels (many built in the first decades of the 20th century). Along its main thoroughfares, Park and Lexington Avenues, you can indulge in the boutique shopping and gallery browsing.

If you can’t afford the multimillion-dollar price tag to buy here, you can still experience the neighborhood’s quiet sumptuousness. For the price of Afternoon Tea, you can wile away the hours at Pierre or the Lowell, opulent hotels catering to the most discerning guests—movie stars, royalty, luminaries in every field, and now you.
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