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We hope you like Homes.NYC, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Listings are free and Homes.NYC leads go directly to the listing agent. We practice the Fair Display Guidelines to best serve local residential brokers and agents. Many of you are currently our partners and have encouraged us to deliver this product. We are driven by the passion to provide a solution that will best serve the local New York City marketplace for both industry professionals and home shoppers.

The production of Homes.NYC including original media content was a tremendous effort to create. Our beautiful aerial neighborhood video and showcase of buildings with exclusive 4K video and virtual tours are only available on Homes.NYC. We are committed to producing original media for all buildings with active listings in New York City, and once our initial collection is completed we will reshoot buildings where there may have been obstructions such as scaffolding, and produce new buildings as they become available, to ensure we are providing the highest quality results. Homes.NYC is also designed to cater to an international market, offering translation in 20 languages, options to view prices in 50 currencies, and metric conversion.

While we’ve highlighted some of the key differentiators unique to Homes.NYC, the rest is also there, locally focused delivering the most powerful user-friendly search tools for home buyers and renters. Active listings display price history, and extensive building data includes active sales, active rentals, sold transactions and rented properties. Virtual open houses and virtual property tours meet the growing demand for online showings. We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and updated inventory of New York City properties available on the market today.

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